Stronghold - City (Block Mesh)

I designed this level for a fixed camera, 3/4ths view multiplayer twin-stick shooter.  It's designed with open-exploration in mind, so I built it with hidden areas and interesting nooks and crannies to hide powerups in.

The overall design was created to facilitate different kinds of encounters throughout the city.  There are open areas where the player is forced to dodge more, areas of cover for intense firefights, tighter areas where the player must rely on their skills, and a boss area forcing players to use heavy weaponry.

I also designed it so that each area of the city has a unique feel and landmarks that help the player to not get lost.  To this end, the player can discover a market, a temple, two very different plazas, city gates, a decimated area, a warehouse, and multiple alleys.  Height had to be carefully managed so that the player's view is never blocked.

Psycho Princess - Tower Cell & Store Room

The Tower Cell is designed to feel a little sparse both to give the sense of the Princess being a prisoner (albeit well taken care of) and to give room for the Gorgor boss fight which also serves as the brawler combat tutorial.  It introduces breakable objects and interactive objects while also showing the Princess's personality.  

She's a reader, so there are stacks of books as well as an open one on her bed.  She's an inventor, so there's a journal open on the desk, a small tool box, and design sketches on the wall in the back.

The Store Room was created to give down time after a big brawler level.  It's a place where the player can have fun destroying objects without the pressure of combat.  The stair way in the back is concealed by a breakable wall in the game, but the area's pillars were placed to emphasize it and draw the player to it.

Stronghold - Ancient Temple
(Block Mesh)

This temple was created for a 3/4ths view twin-stick shooter and utilizes teleports to move through the different heights.  The goal was to create a fairly open, battle-arena style area in which the player can jump down from heights and teleport up while battling enemies.

Stylistically, I wanted a temple that conveyed strength, durability, and something like Art Deco architecture in order to create a post-apoclyptic scifi setting that still felt like an ancient temple.

Psycho Princess - The Battlements

I designed this level to guide the player through learning how to use the Slow Turret.  It starts simply enough in the back near the rightmost tower.  As the player descends the stairs, they are taught how to build the turret and that it can hit enemies at range as enemies come from the paths on the right and left.  This gives them time to see its effect before confronting the enemies.

The center/bottom area reinforces this skill as enemies walk along the pathway at the back, but also teaches the player that slowed enemies can be used to block other enemies and thus limit the amount of them the player must confront at any given time.  The same towers they used to slow enemies along the back pathway automatically slow closer enemies to the player as well, showing the player the use of the Slow Turret in close combat.

The third area (diagonal portion) teaches the player how they can use building a Slow Turret to get themselves out of a surrounding swarm of enemies as enemies come from all sides.

The final area (back left), puts all of these skills to use and lets the player choose how to use them strategically.  It gives them places to Slow Enemies at range, block enemies with towers, block enemies with other enemies, and build towers to avoid swarming.

Level Design