Telling stories has been a lifelong passion of mine and is the primary reason I love to make videogames.  I believe games have an incredible amount of untapped potential to have true impact on players and the public in general.  The world has long accepted books and movies as mediums that convey meaning through art, but I feel that games can be far more powerful.  No other medium has the ability to truly make the choices YOURS and show you the consequences of your own actions.  No other medium can actually transport YOU to another world and allow you to interact there fully and come to understand what it's like to live someone else's life.  Throughout my life, I've loved science fiction and fantasy for its ability to both entertain and make us think in new and unique ways.  Similarly, when I approach game narrative, I try to create immersive playgrounds for players that allow them to fully inhabit the mind of their character and explore new situations.

Since beginning my Master's Degree in Game Design, I've had to focus more on level design, systems design, and the technical aspects of game creation.  The below samples were created before I entered the program as a solo project during my free time.  I would love to get back to creating strong narrative games now that I have the technical skills to create more modern narrative experiences.

White Rift
A Narrative RPG focused on enabling and empowering player choice at all times while still providing a strong central narrative.

Play the latest build of White Rift!

Just download the .zip file, unzip it, then open the .exe.  This will extract it.  Then open "game.exe" to play!

Creating White Rift required writing hundreds of pages of branching dialog to allow for NPCs to respond naturally to a large amount of choices the player might make.  Each NPC also reacts differently based on whether it is day or night and what events have happened in the game.

Other Writing Samples:

This Science Fiction short story about a holostage performer who must use her craft to save hundreds of lives on an intergalactic cruise liner won Honorable Mention in the prestigious, worldwide Writers of the Future Contest.

The prologue of a Science Fiction novel about a family living on a planet that is collapsing inwards.  Separated in a cataclysmic event, they must find their way back to one another through a revolution and bring to light a decades old mystery that will rock the galaxy.

A modern and challenging story of the harsh realities of love in our times.

A newspaper reporter will do anything to be the first to get a new scoop, even if he has to commit the crimes himself.  But when the time comes to retire, he must teach someone new his trade... and all its dark secrets. (Adult Content)

Written in a week, this is a complete script for a Twisted Metal Movie based on the Videogame series. (Adult Content)

Written while I was a writer for, this is my review of the game Bioshock Infinite.

Also written while I was working for Cinelinx, this article is all about the movie V For Vendetta and how it impacted my life.

Narrative Design