After I became student rep for the AAU Master's program, I pitched Psycho Princess at at Pitch Night in the Spring of 2015 and won a collab class.  It rapidly grew into a 40 member collaborative project on which I'm Project Lead, Producer, Design Lead, Scripter, and Writer.  Our team was over 3/4 artists at one point, though now I've narrowed it down to just our leads working on perfecting what we have.  

On this project, I solved problems in all aspects of game creation and grew immensely as both a designer and scripter.  Psycho Princess was created 100% in Unreal Blueprint, and I'm proud to say I worked on and can fully create every script in the game.  

Psycho Princess is a 3D Action Tower Defense game in which players take on the role of a Princess who has recently uncovered her husband's evil plans and now must use her own ingenuity to escape the castle... or take it for herself.

Download the Latest Demo of Psycho Princess Here (Windows 64-bit Only):

To play, download the above .zip file, unzip, open the folder, open the "Windows No Editor" folder,
and then open "PsychoPrincess413.exe"

This demo represents the first two levels of Psycho Princess in their pre-alpha state.

I was selected to be a founding member of the Academy of Art University's in-house studio, Stronghold.  

On the project, I served as Systems Designer, Level Designer, and Scripter and created game design docs, multiple levels, and fully functioning quest, enemy spawning, and dialog systems.

Please see the Level Design and Technical Design sections of this site for more details.

Never an actual game, Inversion is a project I worked on to enhance my skills in pitching ideas and working in Maya.  Below is a clip from an animatic in Maya that I created to demonstrate gameplay concepts and a one page pitch document. Core concepts of the game were about being able to walk upside down on metallic surfaces and the uses that could have in combat.

Created just for fun and for some extra practice with both Unreal and level design, Tidebreaker was created using only Unreal's brushes and starter assets. I did all the design and scripting, though I've become a MUCH better scripter since working on this project.  I plan to return to this concept to create a more fully fleshed out AAA-style level centered around fantasy shooter mechanics that have the player launching fire and ice to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Vertically Challenged was created for my Rapid Game Development class. With a three member team, I served as project lead, puzzle designer, and scripter. The completed project was finished in 6 weeks and included six increasingly complex puzzles for players to solve.  It's a fun little game featuring a Dwarf who has to puzzle-solve and belch his way to the top of an Elven village.

Hand- Painted Textures

I took one class teaching hand-painted texturing and was pretty happy with what I was able to achieve.  I didn't create these models, but all the textures are 100% created by me and I UVed many of them.